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This website is here to promote the writing efforts of Eric Johnson (that's me!). 

Basically, I'm a comic book fan who was lucky enough to get some scripts published by a real, live comic book company on an amateur basis.   So, this website is basically here to brag, but hopefully in a classy way.

More seriously, I made this website to provide a quicker way of answering when questions occur like "What kind of comics have you written?" and "Where can I find these comic books?".  One convenient link to this page should be a lot quicker than other ways of answering.  And, I was getting enough stuff published by AC (up to 20 scripts published as of this writing), that I might actually forget one of the items.

So, feel free to  click on the "Published Works" above and use the drop down menu to see the stuff I've been fortunate enough to get published.

And I'll take this opportunity to give my sincere thanks to all the talented artists and comic book creators I've had the pleasure of working with in the collaborative medium of comic book.  All of these people have artistic talents I can't even begin to approach.  I'm truly thankful to every penciller, inker, letterer, and editor for taking my words in a script and bringing them to life.

My Mission Architect stories in City of Heroes were a more singular effort on my part, but I'd still like to thank all the member of the COH MA community and playerbase who provided valuable feedback and suggestions.  And thanks to the COH developers for creating such an awesome game, and a great and innovative system for player-made content.

Writer for AC Comics

Eric has written several scripts for AC Comics' FemForce and Gargantarama titles.

Writing for Fun

Eric has also published two mission arcs in the City of Heroes 'Mission Architect' system.

Copyright notice

All comic book cover art posted on this site is copyright AC Comics, 2012.

All other comic book art  posted on this site is copyright the respective artist or Eric Johnson, 2012.